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At Ford’s Hometown Services in Worcester, MA, we specialize in two very different termite elimination and prevention systems. Our authorized technicians can help you determine which one is right for you. We’re also authorized and qualified to perform termite inspections that meet Veteran’s Administration (VA) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requirements.

First Method: Advanced Monitored Defense System

The Advanced Termite Bait System consists of several new and unique components that work together to create a localized point of termite colonization and control. The foundation of the system is a next generation Advanced Termite Bait Station (TBS) that consists of in-ground housing secured with a Quick-Lock cap.

Inside the station are newly designed Advanced Termite Monitoring Base (TMB) and Advanced Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC) with Puri-Cell monitoring tablets.

Once termites are detected in the TMB and/or the TIC, the TIC is removed and an Advanced Termite Bait Cartridge (TBC) is installed. This begins the termite baiting process and the start of termite colony elimination.

Second Method: Termidor® Termiticide

Unlike any other termiticide, Termidor® termiticide/insecticide kills termites through ingestion or contact. Because Termidor® is non-repellent, termites unknowingly ingest it (and its active ingredient, fipronil) along with the wood fiber and other material they normally eat. And since termites can't see, feel, or smell Termidor®, they readily contact it as they go about their routine activities. So even if termites are not feeding, Termidor® will kill them.

Typical Termidor® application rates contain 0.06% of the active ingredient fipronil, which is substantially lower than other termiticides. It is not mutagenic, not teratogenic, and not considered a human carcinogen. It is also non-toxic to earthworms and soil microflora. And because it binds tightly to organic matter in soil, there is little potential for it to reach groundwater.

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