Why Lime?

This is a service you can’t afford to skip!

Liming is one of the most important applications for your lawn. If over looked, multiple problems can develop, such as thatch, disease, leaching of nutrients, weeds, and simply an unhealthy lawn.

The acidity or alkalinity level can be on a scale between one (1) through fourteen (14). In New England, soils usually fall to acidic levels mostly due to acid rain. New England lawns flourish at 6.5 –7 PH, which is the neutral zone.

It is best to begin this service immediately. This means you will get your moneys worth out of the fertilizers and the nutrients will not leach as fast. If your lawn needs multiple applications of liming, we will break them up between services to avoid possible burning.

Limestone can take three months to a year to breakdown. We use a micro- Prill hydrated lime, which also contains Magnesium, an overlooked micronutrient needed in this area. This product is special ordered and unique to FHS.

Soil PH tests can be performed and are highly recommended. The fee for this very important service is $30.00.

Complete soil test are also offered. These tests will be shipped out to the local extension service.


Contact us today or call us at for your free estimate with on-site analysis (our price is based on square footage).

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