What is Wrong with Spring Seeding?

Spring seeding disadvantages

  • Increased crabgrass
  • Ground is cold
  • Slower germination (8 weeks to maturity)
  • Entering heat stress of summer
  • Increased watering for a longer period of time (cost & labor)
  • Increased broadleaf weeds
  • Less effective crabgrass Pre-emergent control
  • Broadleaf weeds cannot be sprayed until grass has matured
  • Fertilizing treatments of nitrogen uneven to existing lawn
  • Result can and most likely will be impaired
  • Higher cost due to crabgrass pre-emergent control

Fall seeding advantages

    • Crabgrass being an annual dies off (no competition)
    • Intended seeded areas are now exposed for seeding due to effective crabgrass treatment in the spring, and broadleaf control throughout year
    • Soil is warm
    • Quicker germination (4 weeks to maturity)
    • Less watering (less cost and labor)
    • Coming out of the heat stress of summer
    • Lower price due to Pre-emergent no longer needed
    • Better results


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