Insect Suppression for Surface Feeding Insects

Our fertilization program suppresses surface feeding insects such as ants, ticks, fleas, chinch bugs, ground bees, sod webworms, and many more. As a lawn service we are targeting the lawn destroying insects such as chinch bugs and sod webworms.

If you are signing up late to one of our lawn programs, it is highly recommended to protect your lawn against these common and damaging insects. This is an optional service at an additional charge.

 If you are experiencing severe infestations of ants or ground bees, you may need additional services not included with your lawn care program. Insects such as ants and ground bees may require a minimum of two (2) applications for successful suppression. If you are presently on our fertilization program you may only need one (1) additional application. This is because one application comes with our 2nd service lawn programs. (Not organic program)

We also offer a full tick program for increased protection. Organic options are now available for the control of all insects. Please call for details and pricing.

Overall price will vary based on target species, weather, and type of preferred program; each application will be a separate charge. There is no warrantee due to weather implications. FHS cannot control future insects from entering target area. This service once again is for controlled suppression not eradication.


Contact us today or call us at for your free estimate with on-site analysis (our price is based on square footage).

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