Grub Control vs. Grub Proofing

What are Grubs?
There are over 150 species of beetles in the United States that have an immature or larval stage called a grub, white grub, or grubworm. White grubs as a group include the immature stages of the Japanese beetle; green June beetle; southern or northern masked chafer; European chafer; southern masked chafer; black turfgrass ataenius; Oriental beetle; and Asiatic garden beetle.

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The adults of May beetles may take three years to emerge from the turf; other species may complete their cycle in one year. The adults feed on trees and shrubs with the exception of the masked chafer, which does not feed at all as an adult. Feeding, mating, flight, and egg laying occur at night. When egg laying begins, clusters of adults can be seen on the turf. This egg-laying stage usually occurs in late August. After hatching in the Fall, these c- shaped larva begin feeding in the root zone of the turf, causing extensive damage. The foraging of moles, skunks, and birds that feed on these insects normally indicates the presence of these insects. The larva will over-winter in the ground only to return to the surface in the spring to further damage the turf.

Both our services are designed to suppress the amount of feeding larva devouring the tender roots of our lawns. If you have an immediate problem, our contact insecticide (grub control) is necessary. This product has a residual of five (5) to eight (8) days, and must be watered in immediately and in the proper amounts of water for successful control. Both grub applications must be watered thoroughly for 30-45 minutes per area. Do not count on the rain! The grub proofing takes time to work and would not be feasible for immediate control. This product works systemically in the plant and in the soil. It will take weeks to work, but will give 6-8 months of protection and will prevent fall infestations. This service is performed on our late Spring lawn service, with the fertilization program, at no additional cost, and has a 98 percent success rate.  Frequent irrigation will reduce the moisture stress caused by injury to the roots and encourage new root growth.

Due to the watering requirements, Ford's Hometown does not offer a warranty on this service. Please follow the instructions in order to achieve optimal results.


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