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In Episode 6 part three at 3:29 Bob Ford of Ford's Hometown Services is protecting a house using Bora Care

Replacing Sill, Repelling Insects and Rot, and Installing Sliding Doors With Custom Trim Molding

A three-panel sliding door is being installed in the Melrose home, giving a great view of the back garden. Bob explains that before this slider was installed, the back of the home looked like a typical house built in 1921, with a kitchen door and a couple of little windows. First the windows and portions of the wall were removed to make way for the sliders. The old entry door was also removed. During the demolition, some very serious rot and insect damage was found near the bottom of the wall. The rotted wood was replaced with pressure-treated lumber so the house would remain structurally sound. Bob talks to George Allen of Inject Solutions about the insect damage. Allen explains how the panels were removed from the basement so the walls could be exposed. A plug was inserted into the wall at four-foot intervals around the perimeter of the foundation. Bora-Care was then inserted into the holes to seep into the walls and kill any rot spores, prevent mold and mildew, and kill termites and carpenter ants. Ford's Hometown Services reviews how Bora-Care is made from borate, a naturally occurring product, and how it effectively kills bugs. The plugs were also installed in the columns on the porch. Allen explains that this product reaches the insects inside the walls, where they live.

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