If you have Bed Bug concerns, this is what you can expect when you call us!

If you call within our hours of operation, we answer the phone LIVE, no automated greeting. One of our professional customer service representatives will take the time to listen to your concerns and ask questions to determine that it is a bed bug issue that you are dealing with.

After determining that you do, in fact, have a bed bug issue, we will describe to you everything that is involved with the actual treatment itself, which will include:

    1. The cost of the work (which varies depending on the size of the home/apartment(s), and the amount of infested rooms that require treatment).
    2. The description of the overall service and the various methods of treatment (to include the materials that will be used in irradiating the Bed Bugs).  We will also tell you how the various materials work and where they will be applied in order to achieve 100% elimination.
    3. The importance of multiple service visits - which is why we have had a 100% success ratio eliminating Bed Bugs over the past 15 years! Our success rate is attributed to the fact that we will return two or three times to ensure elimination. Many other companies do not provide follow up visits. All appointments are scheduled in advance for your convenience.
    4. The importance of bed bug proof mattress and box spring covers.

We will provide you with all of the necessary preparation sheets that describe (in detail) everything that needs to be done prior to each service visit and what is to be expected after each service visit.

If you are a landlord and there are multiple units involved we will ensure that you are provided with the necessary prep sheets for all tenants involved.

Please do NOT feel embarrassed if you have bed bugs. Bed bugs have nothing to do with sanitation, nor are they associated with having a dirty home. You or anyone in your family can bring a pregnant female bed bug home from just about anywhere at any time. Bed bugs are known to not only frequent hotels, but are also very prevalent in college dorm rooms, movie theaters, cabs, busses, gyms, school locker areas, nursing homes, etc. You can even have them brought into your home by friends or family members who have an issue themselves but are just too embarrassed to say anything or have anything done about it. Take back control of your home and allow us to make your home bed bug free again!

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