Wild Animal Removal When You Need It Most
Sharing the earth with our animal friends doesn’t mean you should have to share your home, back yard, or commercial building with them. At Ford’s, we’re the animal removal specialists. We’re licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide wildlife removal and exclusion. Our methods are effective and humane. Here are just some of the wild animal removal services we provide:

  • Beaver dam removal
  • Chipmunks pest control
  • Coyote removal
  • Mice pest control
  • Mole pest control
  • Muskrat removal
  • Porcupine removal
  • Possum pest control
  • Rabbit pest control
  • Raccoon pest control
  • Red and gray fox removal
  • Skunk pest control
  • Snake pest control
  • Snapping turtle removal
  • Squirrel pest control
  • Weasel removal
  • Woodchuck removal
  • Vole removal

*** Read specifically about our bird and bat removal services here.

Here Are Some Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now to Avoid Conflicts with Wildlife:
Many species of wildlife can adapt to habitats altered by humans. Raccoons, squirrels and foxes, for example, can be found in greater numbers in the suburbs than in similar sized areas of forests. They capitalize on the abundant supply of man-made foods and shelters found in suburbia. Here they can survive and reproduce. Most often, you can avoid conflicts with wildlife by doing the following:

  • Eliminating any food source that attracts unwanted animals, such as mice. Examples include birdseed, suet, garbage, fruit, compost, vegetable gardens, and exposed pet food.
  • Blocking off access to sheltered areas (attics, chimneys, crawl spaces beneath decks and sheds) can solve problems with denning animals.

Still Suffering from Wildlife Problems, Despite Having Taken These Steps? Call Us.
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